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  • How can I make private label products?
    We will guide you through every step from formulation, packing selecting, packing design, mass production and shipping etc.
  • Is it possible to provide my ingredients?
    Yes. Our enterprise has a highly educated team of experts in cosmetic chemistry. Customer can give us their ingredient, ideas, nominated source, or the ingredient theme. We have close relationships with world-renounce raw material suppliers. Therefore, we can achieve the formulation what you want. If you have your own patented formulation and just need a partner to help do the finished products, we have worked with many brands with this request and understand the process to accommodate the needs.
  • May I have samples before mass production?
    Yes, we are more than happy to offer our clients samples before mass production. Customers who pay as much attention on quality as we do are highly appreciated.
  • What are the advantage of BOV packaing for cosmetic products?
    BOV packaging has four advantages First, It has a strong sense of experience. The aerosol packaging propellant and material are mixed in the aerosol tank. The propellant is used to boost the material ejection and assist the material atomization, along with the material ejection. Compared with Aerosol packaging, Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging is softer and more uniform, the feeling more delicate when touching the skin, and its experience is much stronger than Aerosol packaging. Second, the material body is not limited.The gas and the material in the Aerosol packaging tank are mixed, so the two should be fused, so the choice of the material is very limited.The gas and the material in the Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging tank are separate, theoretically any material can be. Third, it is safer.The gas most commonly used in Aerosol packaging tank is protane, which is easy to explode in a high temperature or high pressure environment and is very dangerous. Therefore, Aerosol packaging cans are not allowed to take on the plane, but Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging bottles are safe to bake even when put on fire. Fourth, more environmental protection and sanitation.Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging gas and material are separated, the material is installed in an air bag, compressed air between the air bag and the bottle, by squeezing the airbag to make the material ejected, can avoid direct contact pollution, and the airbag, material body, filling are produced in the sterile workshop, the whole process ensures aseptic operation.
  • Can you help my products get verified or other tests?
    Yes, our enterprise will provide any necessary documents to you.
  • Are you a manufacturer?
    Yes, we are BSCI, SMETA, BRC, ISO22716(GMP for cosmetics) certified manufacturer. We produce Shaving gel, Shaving foam, shower gel, facial cheaner, makeup spray, BB cream spray, sunscreen spray, isolation spray, shampoo gel, body lotion spray, moisturizing spray, pet shampoo, self tanning mousse, self tanning water, body butter, hair spray so on.
  • Can I get instruction on how to use your products?
    Yes, feel free to contact us to get the complete usage instruction for your specific products.
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