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In 2003

James form the UK invested in Wilson team to develop BOV technology in China

In 2004-2005

We developed binary filling equipment and binary packaging bag with suppliers and successfully developed shaving gel products with Bag On Valve technology.

Meanwhile Shaving gel products are also exported to the UK.

packaging workshop 2.jpg

In 2006

Due to the quality problems of the products with immature packaging technology, such as air leakage and bag piercing, the production of binary packaging shaving gel is stopped.

In 2007

Invest one million yuan technical fund, continue to research and develop binary packaging technology.   Majesty's new binary packaging bag was developed successfully.

出口.webp (1).jpg

In 2008-2009

Shaving cream gel production equipment has been successfully reformed, with a daily per unit yield of 15000 pieces.  Shaving gel products are back on sale in the UK  


Wilson company set up a new factory in Doumen district, Zhuhai  

In 2010-2011

Wilson company passed GMPC and ISO22716 certification. cooperates with Tesco, a large supermarket in the UK


Wilson company binary package shaving Gel products entered the American market and obtained Sedex corporate ethics and social responsibility certification  


In 2012-2013

Wilson company has successfully developed binary package foaming shower gel products 


EURO ASIA binary aluminum cans successfully developed, applied to moisturizing spray and other products won the "Guangdong Province to abide by the contract and keep the promise" honorary enterprise

In 2014

Wilson company transformed the binary canning production line, with a daily unit output of 30000 pieces.  In the same year, Wison Co.,Ltd successfully developed the hair removal spray product with binary packaging, which was exported to the United Kingdom.

In 2015

Wilson Co., Ltd through technical transformation, the qualified rate of binary packaging cosmetics reached 99.9%. In the same year, The company developed the binary packaging cosmetics market in China and added a second binary packaging filling production line.

In 2016

Wilson Co., Ltd successfully developed binary packaging foaming cleansing gel products, and the annual output of dual cosmetics of Wilson exceeded 10 million cans.  Awarded the "Guangdong Province to abide by the contract and keep the promise" honorary enterprise 


In 2017

Wilson Co., Ltd successfully developed binary packaging moisturizing cream spray products and added a third binary packaging and filling production line, which won the honorary enterprise of "Guangdong Province to abide by the contract and keep the promise" again

In 2018

BOV isolation spray was successfully developed and put into production; 

Shaving gel export to the U.S. market exceeded 10 million bottles/year


In 2019

In the year of deep cultivation, the first domestic BOV body milk spray product was successfully developed and put into production;

Wilson passed Watsons third party factory audit

In 2020

The new BOV foaming bath Gel has been successfully developed and put into production in the new year

Production Line_edited.jpg

In 2021

Heavy investment to build in line with ISO22716 100,000 workshop and 600 square meters of R & D center and testing center, introducing advanced production equipment and testing equipment.

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