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About Our Company

100,000 Class GMPC Dust-Free Workshop
Including Disinfection Room, Standing Room, Filling Room, Buffer Room, etc.


Automatic Production Line

1: Fully sealed canning to ensure the purity of the material liquid.

2: Production automation, starting from the product filling tank material all by computer control, with no manual operation until the finished product is automatically completed, and the operator only needs to be responsible for the addition of auxiliary materials and production process monitoring.

3: The daily output of BOV products is 60,000 pieces, and the daily production of hose/cream/bottle is 60,000 pieces. The total annual output of BOV products is 25 million pieces.


R&D New Products

We have an independent and stronger cosmetics professional R&D team, with modern scientific theory as the foundation, combined with advanced skin biological engineering, plant extraction and separation and detection analysis, so on techniques, constitute the raw material for cosmetic, formula application, finished product safety and efficacy evaluations, researching on clinical testing and other aspects, providing the theoretical basis and real scientific basis for the cosmetics formulation.


Assay And Test

For raw material and product formula application, and all the developing product to do relate of the test, product ingredient analysis, qualitative, quantitative and so on analysis.


Independent quality management department

Supervisory control the hygienic index requirement of the production room every week, if the test is not up to the standard, production will stop and be rectified.

Strictly in accordance with ISO22716 and GMPC standards. From the acceptance of incoming material, production process control, and finished product inspection are all strictly controlled by professional staff to ensure the product is a safe and high-quality production.

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