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Welcome to Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd.


Jul 5, 2024

Welcome to learn more about our factory

Recently, a customer visited Zhuhai Wilson Aerosol Cosmetics factory, we are a company committed to the development and production of aerosol cosmetics. The factory pays attention to product quality and environmental protection, and takes the research and development and production of safe, green and effective propellent gas packaging, BOV(Bag-On-Valve)packaging aerosol products as its own responsibility, which is expected by many consumers.

Zhuhai Wilson Aerosol Cosmetics factory has become a well-known foundry in the industry. The factory has strong strength and fruitful scientific research results. At present, it has more than 5000 kinds of mature product formulations, and uses more than 300 kinds of high-quality raw materials. At the same time, our products serve more than 500+ customers. Our products cover shaving, bathing, sunscreen and other categories, for many well-known domestic brands to provide high-quality products OEM/ODM.

We visited the production workshop, laboratory, quality inspection center and other links of the factory, and confirmed the strength of the factory in quality, technology and production management. Under the strict management of the factory, every link is strictly tested and controlled to ensure that all products meet quality standards and environmental protection requirements.

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