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The difference between Aerosol packaging and Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging


Jul 4, 2022

There were six differences

1, Sealing: Aerosol packaging sealing is poor, no bag protective material packaging. Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging with high sealing, by valves, four layers of vacuum bags, aluminum cans to form multiple protective material packaging system.

2, Material purity: aerosol packaging is gas mixture, the material is not pure enough, unable to achieve product quality optimization, and the poor sealing may lead to other gas bacteria run in the inner pollution, resulting in material deterioration. Aerosol (Bag on valve) packaging is separated by air and material, and the material is filled into food grade bags by vacuum aseptic technology.

3. Spray effect: The material body atomization effect of Aerosol packaging is poor, and the impact force is large, and the skin absorption is relatively not ideal. The material ejected by Aerosol (Bag on valve) packaging is uniform and continuous nano atomization, which is easier to be absorbed by the skin.

4, Spray convenience: Aerosol packaging with sediment, need to shake before use, use the process of multiple press, spray bottle can only maintain a fixed Angle set horizontally. Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging without sediment, take with spray, a smooth spray to the end, no need to press multiple times, omnidirectional no dead Angle arbitrary place spray.

5, Utilization rate: Aerosol packaging residues, waste. The utilization rate of Aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging is up to 98%.

6. Spray sound effect: the sound emitted by the gas when the Aerosol packaging is spraying. The sound is mute during aerosol(Bag on valve) packaging is spraying.

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