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Simon li

Apr 26, 2022

Why more and more cosmetic companies will choose BOV technology and what advantage of this?

Airbag (BOV) aerosol systems are a modern packaging technology that is used to improve cosmetic, medical or food products. Duality refers to double packaging, which consists of a spray valve with a welding bag into which the product is filled, and air is filled between the bag and the tank. When the propeller is pressed down, the compressed air simply squeezes the bag to extrude the product.

Compressed gas is used to push the product out of the bag to form a spray, cream or gel. Minimizes waste and maximizes value for the consumer. The dual package system is a barrier package that protects the formula from propellants (deodorized gas LPG, etc.) and external influences. Protect the product from external contamination and separate it from the propellant (the product is packaged in the bag and the propellant is kept outside the bag and inside the tank). There is no need to add any preservatives because the contents are completely sealed and will not come into contact with the air. They are also environmentally friendly and can be used in combination with compressed air or liquefied propellants. They are also environmentally friendly and can be combined with compressed air or liquefied propellants using 1-inch BOV and 20 mm diameter formulations that can come in any form (liquid, gel, cream or high viscosity substance) in spray form have become very popular as sunscreen products as lighter and less greasy formulations have been developed. Compared to traditional lotions, aerosols provide continuous spray and are more convenient to use. Any Angle (upside down or upright) spray, the compressed air outside the bag, the tank can completely empty the material liquid. Especially sticky products.

After 15 years of research and development and production, Wilson has established the highest production standards and strict quality control procedures to help customers develop cutting-edge binary packaging technology solutions in the binary packaging technology professional market segment. We believe our clients will benefit from sharing expertise and a very special creative drive.

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